Hendrik Prinsloo


DevOps engineer who has mastered the ability of assisting family and friends with anything remotely related to his field. Now also assumes the role of toaster mechanic, technical sales advisor, forgotten-password specialist, and let-me-google-that-for-you expert. Passionate about development and obsessed with optimising inefficiencies and automating redundancies.

My career started in 2013 as a software developer at an insurance service solutions provider. My team was responsible for the development of critical business systems in an environment focused on efficiency, accuracy, and compliance.

Relocated to Cape Town in 2014 and joined a company specialising in the application of technology to empower people; as opposed to making people expendable. At the verge of augmented intelligence our goal was to develop a product that could capture any level of complexity and have the flexibility of being applicable in all industries.

Looking to join a dynamic team responsible for building and maintaining the core offering of the business in an environment focussed on using technology to improve the lives of its audience. Interested to maintain an active role in the development side of projects as a core focus.

0.1.0 Initial commit

Born in Gauteng, South Africa

1.0.0 BSc IT

University of Pretoria

1.1.0 Junior Developer

Started professional career at CLC

1.2.0 Intermediate Developer

Started at CLEVVA

2.0.0 Senior Developer

Promoted at CLEVVA

3.0.0 DevOps Engineer

Responsible for CI/CD, infrastructure, product design & execution



Aspire to play a positive part in the augmented intelligence revolution, becoming a regular contributor in the open source community and cultivating a trustworthy online footprint.

Maintain a hands-on role in the development environment and stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry by regularly experiment with new technologies and methodologies.

At the end of my career I would like to be considered an expert in my field with in-depth knowledge of all aspects in and around the SDLC framework.




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