23 Sep 2019

Cape to Namibia Solo in 2 Weeks

Originally published on Medium. When I planned this trip I couldn’t find a guide online that suited my needs, so I was inspired to write my own. There are some good ones out there, but they seem to be mostly tailored for hardened tour bikers and 4X4 drivers willing — or rather preferring — to […]

04 Aug 2019

Inbox Zero meets Agile

Originally published on Medium. Let’s admit it, emails are not fun! It is one of the leading causes of stress and unhappiness in our lives. Studies have shown the severe effect emails have on us and that checking emails less frequently and reading a bunch of mails at a time reduces stress. Try to think about the last time you were […]

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04 Aug 2019

Incident Management Process

Photo by Simon Migaj from Pexels

Originally published on Medium. The world’s technical giants, like PayPal and Alphabet, invest huge amounts of resources into the scalability and stability of their environments; and even they are not immune to critical incidents. All the popular services are susceptible to failure, but they are prepared to effectively deal with it. Even when you employ passionate developers and […]

22 Oct 2018

GitFlow for SemVer

GitFlow with SemVer

Originally published on Medium. Developers should focus on solving problems by writing code. They don’t need to be concerned about how, why, or where their solutions are deployed. The ecosystem should take responsibility of the technical complexity. Introduction The GitFlow Workflow¹, published by Vincent Driessen, is a branching model that allows for multiple streams with strict boundaries […]