08 Mar 2017

C++ Expression Logic Application


Console based C++ expression logic application


Your task is to design and implement a Circuit Diagram Editor that will allow the user to design, test and consequently simulate logic circuits.


  • A menu that provides options for basic file handling, moving and erasing, rotating/flipping of circuit widgets or selection of widgets in the current logic circuit view.
  • Control widgets for input, output and logic gates
  • Each input or output connector associated with a widget can be assigned a label. Connectors with no labels are referred to as anonymous connectors. The labels of the connector represents a signal variable that can either be high or low.
  • Controls to run simulations for the circuits for particular inputs.
  • The system should provide the user with different views of the circuits. (Boolean algebra, Tabular, Tree-based)


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  • C++
  • Enterprise Architect (Diagrams)

Programming Techniques

  • OOP
  • Design Patterns


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